Buy your peppermints online directly from Rito Mints!
Buy your peppermints online directly from Rito Mints!
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The production is officially relaunched.

Rito Mints Available in December

Trois-Rivières, October 15th, 2019

The company Rito Mints is aiming for its famous Peppermints (including the pink ones!) to be back on store shelves and available for sales in December!

The final adjustments on the new production lines are now complete, as well as the testing phase of its custom-made facilities. The production is now at full capacity.

All their teams have worked relentlessly so that all the suppliers and vendors are restocked as soon as possible. “We are finally seeing the end of this race against time”, explains a relieved Peter Nassif, one of the two co-owners of the company. “We wanted to make sure that we started off on the right foot and that everything was perfect before going full throttle on production”.

Now that the first orders are being shipped out of the factory, the fire from last October is just a bad memory. “We can finally turn the page”, says Stephan Leclerc with enthusiasm, at the side of M. Nassif.

Contact: Hélène Lebon,

For Rito Mints

(514) 802-8529 

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