Rito Mints, A Family Tradition Since 1957

usine menthes rito

Located in Trois-Rivières (Quebec) since its beginning, Rito Mints started its operations in 1957 and immediately distinguished itself by the quality of its products and the attention dedicated to customer service. Over the years, these features have become the basis of a winner recipe for the family business, which has become, over time, the largest manufacturer of mints in Canada.

Nearly half a century after its creation and despite impressive growth, the company has continued to focus on its long and rich family tradition. Indeed, Rito Mints has carefully preserved its original recipes and the traditional business philosophy of its founders, which, since day one, has two main priorities: quality and service.

Today, Rito Mints offers a range of traditional mints which perfectly combines the unique taste of the family recipe with a high-end innovation and state-of-the-art production and packaging equipment. This winning combination enables them to offer to its loyal customers an unequalled degree of satisfaction in the industry, while responding to their needs with impeccable, fast and efficient service.

After nearly 60 years of activity, the company is not only a leader in its field in Canada, but also has a strong customer base throughout North America.

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