Speed, Efficiency, Quality And Impeccable Service

Rito Mints, the largest Canadian manufacturer of traditional mint candies, offers a full range of personalized services. Since 1957, quality is a central component of Rito Mints products, which has continued to innovate in order to offer to its customers across North America products that reach high-quality standards combined with a fast and impeccable service. The high-tech packaging and production equipment of Rito Mints allow the company to guarantee to all its customers a level of satisfaction that reach the highest standards of the food industry.

Speed, efficiency, quality and impeccable service are the ingredients that make the reputation and success of Rito Mints.

Rito Mints holds the largest traditional mints market share in Canada with high-standard services to businesses. These services include product personalization through a sophisticated printing process, unique in the country. This computerized technology of printing management allows the leader of the mint industry to offer a multitude of messages on its products at low cost, which is a competitive advantage on the market.

Rito Mints is also a supplier of diversified and quality candy products in the field of food service. The company offers a wide range of high-quality mints, individually packaged and customized as needed, allowing Rito Mints customers to distinguish themselves with strength and personality.

In addition, Rito Mints offers a wide range of bulk products with excellent service, superior quality and competitive pricing. These bulk products dedicated to retail, private-label marketing or the preparation of gift wrap, stand out for their superior quality, combined with the impressive volume of production possible thanks to the high-tech facilities of the Canadian company.

Bulk Products

The company Rito Mints offers a wide selection of bulk products to its customers. These products of exceptional quality are intended for retail, market private label or the preparation of gift wrapping.

The high-tech equipment dedicated to the production of traditional mint candies and heart-shaped candies allow an impressive production volume. Indeed, the company produces thousands of tons of candies per year, without sacrificing the quality of its products.

The large volume of products manufactured by Rito’s facility, combined with the efficiency of its production teams ensures Rito Mints customers a delivery of its products within a very reasonable lead time.

This is a competitive advantage that distinguishes Rito Mints from its competition, explaining again its reputation as a leader in Canada.

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Food Services

Rito Mints has managed, over the years, to build a solid reputation with the food service sector. Rito offers various high-end products such as Thin Mints, Scotch Mints, Traditional Mints, Striped Mints and many more, to meet the highest demands of its loyal customers.

Rito Mints reputation based on the quality of its food service is second to none. This reputation was built with its customers since 1957 through the quality of its service, its fast and reliable delivery and its highly competitive prices.

Why choose Rito? The company offers a wide range of mint products to meet the needs of hotels and restaurants of the country. Combined with the experience and expertise to its assigned role of a leader in Canada, Rito Mints candies also offers a unique personalization process, as well as individual and distinctive packaging services so that customers can stand out from their competitors.

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A customized product: this is a simple and extremely effective solution for a company that wants to stand out from its competitors. Thanks to a sophisticated printing process, Rito Mints is able to personalize some of its products on requests to meet the changing needs of a market looking for innovation.

The high-resolution edible inkjet printing allows Rito to customize its products according to customer needs with speed and unmatched printing precision.

This computerized technology of printing also explains most of the resounding success of one of the favourite products among Rito Mints, the Conversation Hearts.

Deliver personalized products in large quantities at an affordable cost, this is what Rito Mints advanced technology of personalization offers.

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Private label packaging

The packaging facilities of Rito Mints are extremely efficient, and allow the company to offer an impressive variety of packaging, whether in bulk, traditional peg or laydown bags, resealable bags, plastic tub containers, single serve portion pack or individual wrap packaging.

Rito also offers to manufacturers and distributors the possibility to get custom packaging.

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