After months of a race against the clock, Peter Nassif and Stephan Leclerc can finally breathe: Rito Mints will resume its production of candies! Open-door recruitment days will also be organized and announced shortly for next May. Announcements will be also be made via local newspapers and radio.

The company's two leaders have been touring manufacturing facilities around the world to acquire essential equipment for the resumption of operations, the various municipal and ministerial authorities have issued all the necessary authorizations and employees are anxiously waiting to return to the 'factory. "This is a new breath for our company whose premises had been completely destroyed by a fire last October" rejoices Stephan Leclerc.

The famous pink and white peppermints, jewels of the Mauritian company, will therefore be produced soon and available again as of this September! "We'll continue with the original recipe from 1957, smiles Peter Nassif, whose father founded the Rito Mints, but with the latest technological innovations in terms of manufacturing!"


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