Innovation At The Very Heart Of Rito Mints Mission


Rito Mints mission is simple: to create and commercialize products with exceptional taste and quality thanks to a close collaboration with retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Indeed, Rito Mints, since its beginning, has always paid attention to its customers requests in order to meet their every needs, bringing constantly surprising innovation to its products or production and packaging processes.

Innovation is at the very heart of the Rito Mints mission. The company is constantly developing innovative products, in their form, flavour or texture, to enable their customers to meet the needs and demands of their respective markets.

In addition to constantly test its objective to remain a competitive leader in the North American mint industry while continuing to provide quality products and exemplary service, Rito Mints offers a business model focused on sustainable development. Indeed, several actions are constantly taken within the company to ensure a long-term vision within the social, economic and environmental components.

Rito Mints employees receive regular training to improve various manufacturing procedures and reach daily the highest and most sustainable standards in the different food manufacturing processes.

Rito Mints firmly believe that innovation and growth of a business must be conducted from the perspective of sustainability and environmental protection. At all company levels, Rito Mints try hard to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment.

In this perspective of sustainability and environmental responsibility, Rito Mints transform its food waste into animal feed products, a true environmental solution to avoid food waste.

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